As We Start To Open Up And Use Our Cars More

We haven’t been using our cars anywhere near what we had ‘pre covid’. With lockdowns in place, traffic and vehicle journeys have drastically dropped. With summer approaching and once restrictions ease, this will change. Traffic will…
Maintain your Car in winter
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How to maintain your Car in Winter

Winter and your CarJune is here and simply winter is upon us and temperatures have dropped. Preparing and maintaining your vehicle for the change is a great step in trouble-free motoring. Preventative maintenance and checks are better than any…

How A Mobile Mechanic Can Lower Your Monthly Car Maintenance Costs

Choosing to call a mobile mechanic has many advantages. The whole premise of having a mobile mechanic is set on providing convenience, and excellent service at competitive prices. However, one of the most commonly asked questions is whether…
Basic Checks Before You Hit The Open Road
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5 Basic Checks Before You Hit The Open Road

As the Easter long weekend is now only a hop, skip, and a jump away, you may be considering using this opportunity to get back on the open road, to visit some of the favourite places you have been missing or to explore some of the exciting places…
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Get Your Car Inspected Before Planning a Road Trip This Easter Weekend

With the Easter long weekend only a hop, skip, and a jump away, now is a great time to call Jim’s Mobile Mechanics and get your vehicle checked or serviced by one of our friendly qualified technicians before heading out on the road. It…
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Over the last few years, mobile mechanic services have grown exponentially. They have taken a large role in the vehicle service industry, primarily because of the many advantages that are associated with them. However, many people still consider…
Main Reasons Why Your Car Isn’t Starting And How A Mobile Mechanic Can Help

Main Reasons Why Your Car Isn’t Starting And How A Mobile Mechanic Can Help

Can you imagine the panic when you want to rush off to work in the morning and your car sputters then fails to start! ‘Why is this happening?’ Unfortunately, there could be any number of possibilities causing this, which is why the help…

Why Mobile Mechanics Are Building In Popularity

There is a multitude of reasons why mobile mechanics are becoming more popular. They are able to deliver great service that clients can rely on. Our clients find it reassuring that the technician they meet, is the technician who will work on…
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5 Smart Reasons To Choose Jims Mobile Mechanics For Your Car Service And Maintenance

When it comes to cars, even the smartest people get bamboozled by how they function and what causes them to break down. Sometimes this is because you are using the wrong mechanics for your car servicing and maintenance. If you need a mechanic…