Get Your Car Serviced Before Going On A Road Trip

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Wanderlust comes to all of us at some point in time. The excitement of getting on the road and heading for new and exciting places is unrivaled. Maybe you have been stuck indoors for too long or the weather is too good to ignore. There are so many nice places to see, good roads to drive, and new places to explore. When you feel like that, it is time for a road trip.

All your planning will rest on you getting one thing right, that is making sure your car can make the whole trip without breaking down. At Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we can come to you and make sure that your car is in tip-top shape for the trip. Below are some of the checks and basic maintenance that we will perform on your car.

1. General checks

Tires are very important for safety, fuel efficiency, and comfort, our check will include a thorough review of their performance. The air pressure of your tires will be checked and if the tires need to be rotated, this will be done. Brake pads need to be checked as they provide the friction that a car needs for it to stop. Belts and hoses are part of the general check as well. We will check that the belts are tight and that the hoses do not have any leaks.
Being on the open road, your car will be exposed to dust, the air filters in your car will be checked to make sure that they can make the trip. If necessary, they will be replaced.

2.Fluid check

Fluids are necessary to keep any car running. You can call them the lifeblood of a car. A car has six essential fluids and at Jim’s Mobile Mechanics we will check all of them to make sure that they are topped up or replaced if needs be. Engine oil is the first fluid that will be checked. It is responsible for the lubrication of parts like the crankshaft, pistons, and camshaft. Radiator coolant helps keep your engine at optimum temperature; it will be checked to make sure that your car will not overheat during your journey.

Brake fluid and power steering fluid will need to be checked to make sure that your Car Brakes will not fail you and that you have a smooth ride. If power steering is contaminated, your steering will be less responsive. Finally, transmission fluid and windshield fluid will be checked. Transmission fluid helps the gears to shift smoothly and windshield fluid will be necessary to make sure that your windscreen is kept clean.

All this and more will be done to your car when we come to service it before you go on your adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with one of our mechanics by calling 131 546 today!